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Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Circuit)

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First Race
Last Race
Total Races
19(rank 22)

Most driver wins

  1. 1stM. Schumacher5 wins
  2. 2ndB. Vukovich2 wins
  3. 3rdL. Hamilton1 wins
  4. 4thR. Barrichello1 wins
  5. 5thM. Häkkinen1 wins

Most driver podiums

  1. 1stM. Schumacher7 podiums
  2. 2ndR. Barrichello4 podiums
  3. 3rdJ. Rathmann4 podiums
  4. 4thS. Hanks4 podiums
  5. 5thJ. Bryan3 podiums

Most driver starts

  1. 1stT. Bettenhausen13 starts
  2. 2ndJ. Rathmann12 starts
  3. 3rdA. Linden11 starts
  4. 4thR. Ward10 starts
  5. 5thD. Carter10 starts

Most constructor wins

  1. 1st
    6 wins
  2. 2nd
    Kurtis Kraft
    5 wins
  3. 3rd
    3 wins
  4. 4th
    2 wins
  5. 5th
    2 wins

Most constructor podiums

  1. 1st
    Kurtis Kraft
    19 podiums
  2. 2nd
    13 podiums
  3. 3rd
    6 podiums
  4. 4th
    5 podiums
  5. 5th
    5 podiums
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